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Hong Kong

Labour day offered an excellent opportunity for a long weekend trip. When asking some friends who are doing internships in Taiwan and Shanghai, we concluded to meetup in Hong Kong. After disembarking the plane and the bus skipping a few stations due to labour day protest-parades, I checked in at the CheckInn hostel which turned out to be a really good choice. We spent the weekend catching up, discovering the town and visiting Macau with some new friends we made at the hostel.
Vitoria peak offers a stunning, contrastful view of the city embedded in hills covered in forests and trees. Eager to see the “worlds longest escalator” – which turned out to be a huge disappointment since it’s just many short individual 1-way escalators connected by walks of up to 5 minutes and only runs downwards until 10 a.m., we had to walk all the way down back to the city. The aqua-cocktailbar offered strange and “forgotten classics” cocktails with chilis, a pepper-rim on the glass or other exotic mixtures. Unfortunately, the casino in Macau didn’t offer Texas Hold’em and we weren’t that lucky while playing roulette, so we had to stick to the ferry instead of returning via helicopter-cab :(.