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Atherton Tablelands, Magnetic island and Townsville

After a 1-day diving trip to the outer Great barrier reef where we met a bunch of turtles, I went on a tour to the Atherton tablelands. The weathergod thought it needs to rain when I’m in the rainforest ;). We saw a Platypus (they are much smaller than I thought ~40cm long all black and swam in brown water), a few fig-trees (who start growing when their seed lands on another tree and cover the host tree with roots and twigs until it dies due to a lack of sunlight and nutrition).
On my last day in Cairns, I went flyboarding and it was amazing! If you get the chance, try it (Here’s a video about flyboarding!
My ext stop along the greyhound-road was Townsville from where I proceeded to Magnetic Island (Ad yes, there are a few magnetic rocks lying around if I can trust the magnetometer of my smart-phone)

Ps: please excuse any missing N&n s, somehow this button isn’t reliable anymore.