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I finally made it to Iceland 🙂
1.5 weeks ago I got into a train to go to the Düsseldorf airport – bound for a country with only 323k Inhabitants – less than most cities.
Tabea and me, we didn’t really plan… we googled a few places we had heard of and put it on a ‘want to see / maybe / naaah’ list. And we booked a car.
Route around Iceland

After arriving at eleven at night, I intended to go to a kiosk to find something for breakfast the next morning. The ’10 minutes that way’ turned out to be measured in car-minutes and I’m only a quarter as fast. After walking through wind and rain, I had definetly seen all of Keflavik (although everything was closed and covered in clouds and rain.) The next morning we picked up our Peugeot 208 and started our journey along beautiful scenery and hundreds of waterfalls. It took us 2 days to realize how to get music from our phones out of the car speaker (aux was disabled, usb sticks and my phone didn’t work and the bluetooth-options were quite hidden) and I emptied lots of coffee-cups as well as 3 camera batteries. Long story short, we had an amazing 2400km around iceland – but see for yourself 😉 [fullscreen suggested – upper right corner.]