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The Philippines N°2

As mentioned in the previous post, I went to the philippines again!
This time, I took some friends who also dive and flew to manila. From there, we went to coron, oslob and moalboal to spend a few days island hopping and diving – but see for yourself!

I (finally) bought a GoPro Hero 5 black and took this, instead of the chinese actioncam (e.g. during my Corfu-Trip) or the canon Powershot D20 (Komodo) – but honestly, I’m really disappointed with the photo-quality. Some of the distortion might be due to less clear water or higher currents but for taking pictures, the GoPro Hero 5 is definetly not good enough – above and below the surface. (And way less good than Ads or influencers make you believe; I’m not even sure it would win in a standoff to a 50€ china actioncam. This counts for PHOTOS – the GoPro Series-Camneras were designed for videos anyway.)

The Philippines

I’ve been to the Philippines! – In april 2017 I continued discovering new parts of the world and decided to go to the Philippines (Kind of an idea I had with a friend a few months back when we both felt, we needed holidays in the middle of the night via whatsapp :D) . Unfortunately, I’m working so the amount of days I can take off are limited in number and by projects / deadlines. I squeezed in a few holidays around easter and managed to fly for 20 days. The Philippines are gigantic and have so much to offer. Now, after being there, the list of places I still want to see in the Philippines is even longer than before 😀 . We went straight to Malapascua and then to Palawan – which I tried to visualize here.

Diving the Philippines

I was glad to get another chance to dive in Asia again. This time in the Philippines; more specifically in Malapascua, around El Nido and Port Barton in Palawan.
Those were also the first ocean-dives for my dive-computer – which was really helpful for monitoring depth and RNT. Thanks to the divemate-app, I can now log all my dives on my smartphone, including a depth-profile (though I couldn’t afford an air-integrated dive-computer to see my air-consumption at different points through the dive and depth-levels, which might be really interesting).
Anyway, I dived with four different dive-centers and all of them were awesome! I always had nice company and felt in good hands when crawling towards an eel garden or spotting thresher sharks.

Ps: Just ignore the ‘Taken’-Date for the Canon Powershot Camera. It was a rental from a local dive-shop set to Jan 15th.