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Sailing the Whitsundays

One of the most famous spots along the east coast is Airlie Beach – but mainly because this is where the sail-boats ad catamarans leave for Hamilton and Whitsunday island which is famous for Whitehaven beach. The beach consists mainly of silica instead of common sand (the inner part of the sand grains, beneath its (iron)-oxide shell) which is of such high quality that they wanted to use it for the Hubble space telescope’s mirror.
A friend I made in Cairns suggested me to join her on the ‘WINGS’ 2D/2N sailing trip since it’s one of the few that offers diving at different sites. Due to the super-moon and the resulting 2.5m tide, the water was a little murky during my 2 dives and night-diving would’ve been even worse but we saw a wobbegong-shark! underwater-pics will follow as soon as I receive my picture DVD (the one I bought onboard turned out to be empty 🙁 ) The sailing was great and we had a lot of fun on our catamaran, as well as on the beach with the awesome crew and people. See for yourself how stunningly beautiful this beach is: