Sentosa and the SEA Aquarium

During my Tourist-time after finding an appartment, before being able to move in, I stayed at the Kiwi-Hostel. This typical Backpacker hostel with a huge fan-“cooled” area full of bunk beds was located quite close to the city and the staff was awesome. They gave great advise while sipping a can of Tiger at night or during the fruit and kava-sandwich breakfast.
Anywat, I decided to discover the most prominent recreational area of Singapore: Sentosa Island. The MRT easily takes you to Vivo-City, another of these typical shopping malls where you can switch to a monorail to drive to sentosa. After passing by the harbour, you pass through the amusement and movie-park area before reaching the beachside. A small tower offered a great view over the swimming bays and – the ships. I never expected to see that many ships afloat around singapore, probably waiting to load/unload their containers, for their next contract or the next fishing trip. (You best see them on the Marina Bay Sands post.)

Afterwards I went to the Aquarium. Besides an exhibition about the silkroad the whole building was equipped with different tanks or fish-tunnels. Since It was the day before chinese new year, they even performed an underwater “Lion-dance”

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