FRAMED update!

I just extended my collection with 2 broken Phones, taken apart and framed 😉

1 & 2 see post

3) My old Nokia N95 which I used around 2007. One time, the Display broke and I had to replace it but the party ripped fcc wire shorted out some other components on the board which rendered it unusable.

4) My Samsung S4 Mini. At its time one of the few ‘Mini’ smartphones on the market – with the downsides of less capable hardware. It served me well for almost 2 years but shocked me a few times when the battery was entirely dischaged. The lack of a charging LED made it look like it was gone for good since it would only turn on after about 5 minutes of charging. One time, it really didn’t turn on anymore. No visible damage and even a new (swappable!) battery didn’T help. -> To the wall!

To be continued 😉 …

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