In autumn of 2018 my company declared a limit to the amount of holidays I could transfer to the next year so I had to squeeze in a short holiday. After checking flights to wherever, I noticed there were direct flights to Cancun, Mexico or the island of curacao. I decided to book a 1 week trip to Mexico due to the possibility of a mixture between diving and seeing some mayan cultural heritage sites. The amazing Mezcal hostel turned out to be the perfect spot to stay in Cancun and meet people to spend the evenings with.
Despite the short time, I managed to see the heritage sites of Chichén Itzá and Tulum as well as dining on the beach in Playa del Carmen, see some baby turtles on Isla Mujeres, swim in the pristine waters of the cenotes in the middle of the jungle and party in Cancun’s famous Hotel/nightlife area. Of course, I also went diving in the ocean and a cenote to witness the halocline (border between sweet and saltwater) that give you the impression of fish and divers flying in the sky while raising your head out of a lake. Unfortunately, diving is relatively expensive in Mexico and they try to make money by selling pictures (80$ for ~5 pics the professional took of me and none showing the incredible ) so I couldn’t take any pictures in the cenote Chac Mool. If I were to fly to Mexico again, I’d definently make it a multi-stop trip and slowly travel down towards Belize and the other neighbouring countries.

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