Brisbane – first landing

Originally, my stopover in Brisbane was meant to be spent at the airport. Due to the difficulty of storing luggage for a week, I decided to book a hostel for the time between 02:00 and 09:00. After leaving my luggage in the morning, I drank my first ‘Flat white’ (which is basically a cappucino with minimally aerated milk) and – a little sad, having to wait to discover what this sunbathed city with would have to offer – took the airtrain to BNE-International to head for Fiji. On arrival I was told that my flight would be delayed by almost 13 hours until 00:50 the next day. [The flight the day before was cancelled due to malfunctioning altimeters.] Fijiair kindly set us up in the 4-point sheraton hotel right in the heart of Brisbane and provided us with vouchers to what turned out as amazing lunch and dinner. After a start in the rooftop gym with an amazing view on the story bridge and parts of the town, I spent the day discovering Brisbane, it’s history and the botanic gardens. While the locals were covered in winter jackets and restaurants provided heaters outside, I enjoyed the beautiful 23°C sunlit day in a t-shirt and shorts. What a lovely “Australian winter” :D. At 9pm Fijiair took us back to the airport and we had a few hours left to wait for our flight which lifted off almost on time. (Fijii-time!)

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