Electronics (sadly) aren’t built for eternity. I bet you’ve got some broken gadgets lying around as well… Here’s what I started doing to mine:

1) My Sony Ericsson K750i was the phone I used around 2004-2007 and it was famous for a 2 MP autofocus camera as well as good sound. We’ve had a great time, pal, you deserve the honour of being framed.

2) My Sony actioncam, which I bought in 2014 was more of a disappointment. It’s intended use was underwater photography which should have worked great with the advertised 12 MP Sensor and 60m rated dive-housing. The pictures it took were only 2MP without any way to change it (12 MP is probably used for enhancement). And it ‘drowned’ while diving (somewhere above -32m) – which wasn’t due to dirt in the lid or improper sealing of the casing-door but due to a manufacturing defect allowing water to leak inbetween the plastic parts the ‘dive-door’ is made of. The removal of the battery couldn’t save it due to the soldered coincell I discovered later. Well, it looks better disassembled and framed anyway 😉

Bonus) My former 3.5′ HDD with the lid replaced by acrylic glass (no, it doesn’t spin anymore ^^)

To be continued 😉 …

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