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3D-print updates

So… now I have 2 3D-printers. After I got my monoprice mini delta about a year ago, I had some fun with my first 3D prints but clogged nozzles, adhesion problems and the printer printing plastic-wool in the air became more and more frequent and frustrating. I looked into the Ender3 Pro and together with my brother, gifted one to my dad for his birthday. His first prints worked out of the box. So when there was a good offer for the Ender3 Pro just the morning after my mini delta had a clogged heat-throat again, I bought it. Setup took less than 1 hour and besides some parameter related stringing issues, it worked like a charm straight from the beginning.
Like every good 3D-printer owner, I’ve printed many upgrades but also some fun or useful things – and optimized my ‘plane phone holder’.

My first 3D-Printer

I’ve thought about getting a 3D-printer for years but little time and reviews about bad results on the cheaper printers without massive modifications and tuning kept me from buying a printer. Also, I didn’t really need it, I just wanted to have one :D.
In spring of 2019, some colleagues convinced me to look into it again and I came across the pre-assembled, self-levelling Monoprice Mini Delta model which apparently has good results out of the box.
It arrived; the prints looked quite good but I’ve had my fair share of modding and trouble with it anyway :D.
Clogged nozzled, broken throat, under-extrusion, adhesion problems… I added rubber.dampening, fireproof-foam-covers, a noctuna fan for the extruder and electronics cooling, a glass-printbed, lots of PTFE-Spray… Unfortunately, swapping the drivers for TMC2208 drivers didn’T work due to a switch in the drivers and footprint on my revision.
Long story short; it’s a nice start but if you are willing to spend a little more time and money, the famous Ender 3 Pro with a BL-Touch addon might be better suited.