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Costa Rica via Stopovers in Canada = Costa RiCanada

In spring 2020 a friend and I decided to explore Costa Rica. We found flights with ~21h stopovers in Toronto on the way to Costa Rica and ~23h in Montreal on the way back. Here are some pictures from Toronto and the 11 days for the western part of Costa Rica and a map of our tour. (Unfortunately, Montreal greeted us with rain so I didn’t take my camera out)

Originally, we had planned to go south from Samara to Montezuma and cross the bay by ferry but we really wanted to go diving and none of the 3 diving schools in samara was operating during the days we spent there. Then we changed plans and went to Tamarindo for diving before heading over to the national parks on the more southern pacific coast. Manuel Antonio, one of the most famous national parcs, allowed us to see sloths and different speciesof monkeys.

Ps: some of the aerial photos appear in the previous post about my new mavic mini as well since they were just too beautiful 😉